Real Estate

Creating dream houses for dream holidays in Spain. Click on UK Holiday Home Show describing one of the houses as a Kids’ paradise.
Beautiful sea views in all properties and even a private padel court in some of them.

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Creating a pattern breaking social change, steering away from single-use bottled drinks with Zereau Drinks. The REFILLution can be fostered by the Dutch design of a sustainable drinking solution which filters, chills and carbonizes local tapwater providing the best tasting drinks without single-use packaging, transportation and littering. 
Clients include Shell, PSV, KLM, Peakz Padel, Landal Greenparks, etc etc. 

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NEW ventures

Investing and initiating various new ventures pursuing to make a difference. 

What about a football revelation disrupting the very traditional football industry with the FC Darlings Concept.


Get in touch if you have an interesting venture idea positively impacting society or changing industry landscapes, for whichever industry that is.